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- Model 8 BL - Pruning Rake



BORELLO NEW 8, pruning rakes make a 50 to 120 cm. wide swath of pruned branches in the middle of the row. This makes shredding or cleaning easier. A shock-absorber (BORELLO pruning rake patent) makes the operation easier. The elasticity of the spring tines permits to work in any kind of orchard whatever the ground. The gearbox parts are in oil bath therefore no maintenance is needed. NEW 8 B.L. model long frame with double pto shaft suitable to any orchard. The tool can be shifted on one side. Possibility of working as far as 200 cm. from the tractor wheel. Welded steel frame that can be displaced either manually or hydraulically so that the rotor can get close to the trees and remove the pruned twigs more easily.

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