- Model 4.4 - 13 T Series - Single Rotor Rotary Rakes


This rake is ideal for fast, clean raking of valuable fodder crops of hayor silage. Designed to produce fluffy swaths from light or heavy mown fodder, this PTO driven rake is fitted with 13 detachable tyne bars, each with 4 double tynes per arm. To assist in all conditions there is a variable tyne bar cam, easily adjusted to ensure a clean sweep of all crops. This complete cam assembly operates in an oil bath for long service life. The width of the finished windrow is adjustable to match the requirements of the following baler or forage harvester. The BORELLO version 4.4 T with steering frame and tandem axle with oxillating bearings and tandem axle supplies the highest stability particularly on ondulated or rough ground. A hydraulic cylinder on the wheel axle provides for lifting.

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