- Model HA-2 - Conventional Potassium Humate



BorreGRO HA-2 is a highly soluble potassium humate derived from leonardite ore. In comparison to other humate products, it is soluble over a broad range of pH and lower in sodium.

BorreGRO HA-2 Works with the Plant, Soil and Nutrients

BorreGRO HA-2 improves the conditions in the soil for better nutrient uptake and improved microbial activity.  Complexed nutrients are more available to the plant and the response of soil microbes to HA-2 helps to break down organic matter, which will improve soil structure.

Organic Farming

A cost-effective, OMRI Certified product for organic farming compared to other conventional humates.   

BorreGRO HA-2 is readily bio-available as either a soluble powder or concentrate liquid.

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