- Snow Plows With Flap Segment



The Boschung adjustable-width multi-section snow plows have been specially designed and constructed for use at airports and on motorways. Adjustable-width snow plows – such as Type MFS 52 or MFS 54 – are ideally suited for the largest possible snow clearing and when folded in, easy for driving through narrow access roads. Both types of snow plow are equally capable of clearing snow with the lateral blade retracted! The MF 84 2S, our largest model, is mainly used at airports. With its two lateral folding blades, it can be easily parked in the hangars.

  • Plow width:5200 - 8400 mm
  • Clearing width in inclined position:4410 - 7100 mm
  • Weight (with attachment plate and lifting, lowering and inclination system):999 - 2900 kg

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