- Three Point Hitch System



BOSS Three-Point Hitches are designed by expert engineers and assembled by master craftsmen who make safety and durability their highest priority to create the best three-point hitches on the market.

No Cast Iron!
Many companies make tools from cast iron because they’re easy to make. They form a mold, pour in the molten iron, let it cool and push it out the door. There’s one big problem: cast iron breaks.

Plate Steel
BOSS three-point hitches start with certified T1 plate steel fresh from the steel mill. It’s the kind of steel you trust you’re hauling the heaviest implements. They’re plasma cut by computer then sent to expert welders who know their stuff.

The hooks and bushings are precisely cut from thick plate steel and carburized (heat-treated) to case harden them. This preserves the integrity part and provides a long service life.

Precision Welds
Every BOSS quick hitch is precision welded on all connections leaving no open joints. It takes more time to do it this way but it means one thing: strength.

Machined Pins
Loose pins can damage machinery. BOSS pins are computer drafted and machined to a precision fit. Then each pin is heat treated for maximum strength and durability.

Powder Coated
Rust is the enemy of any ag tool. All Lee products are thick powder coated to produce a tough protective barrier between the elements and your tools.

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