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- Pig Herd Hoof Trimming Set



The Pig Herd Hoof Trimming Set includes four 8-Tooth Chain Discs which are the most aggressive trimming disc for pigs that we offer. This Set is ideal for users that have a large number of animals that you need to trim fast and easy. Do you have some unruly problem hooves that have been neglected due to the difficulty involved in trimming with hand shears? The Hoof Boss combined with the 8-Tooth chain makes that job easier on you and healthier for your sheep. We recommend the use of a hoof support or restraint system when using the 8-tooth chain disc. The Hoof Boss is easily controlled but it’s the pigs that we worry about. Sometimes that just don’t understand they need to stand still.

  • HOOF BOSS: Features lever paddle switch for quick start and stop. Weighing just a little over a pound, it is truly a one hand operation.
  • 3mm Hex Key: Used for changing the discs.
  • Diamond-Coated Chain Disc File: For sharpening the tungsten carbide teeth on the chain.
  • Carrying Case: Durable, lightweight bag for tool and discs
  • Safety Glasses: Clear, UV-protective, impact resistant, wrap around design to provide full protection
  • Instructional DVD: Comprehensive & easy-to-follow instructions
  • 8–Tooth Chain Discs: Perfect for removing hoof material from a large herd of goats.

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