- Front Loader


The RFID system is fitted on the vehicle to read the RFID tags mounted on the waste containers. The system provides point of time for emptying and can easily record any exceptions such as: blocked, overfull or broken bins.

An RFID system is composed of antenna, reader, cabling and on-board computer. The system can easily be expanded with fork lift scale or chassis scale.

  • Automatically records all collections
  • Displays the vehicle’s position during service of bins
  • Data on executed tasks and any exceptions in real time to the office
  • Supports administration and customer service
  • Reliable systems with long life and low investment cost
  • Complies to EN 14803:2006

The fork lift scale has a robust design and is used to weigh the contents of skips and large containers. Load cells measure the weight before and after emptying, and provide the weight of the waste. The system also provides safety when lifting heavy skips over the vehicle cab.

A fork lift scale is composed of two load cells, wiring and indicator and is prepared for use together with RFID systems.

Capacity: max 3500 kg
Accuracy: from 5 kg
Approval: S-212102
Class: III or IIII
  • Accurate weighing directly on the vehicle
  • Approved to OIML R76 and to invoice based on weight
  • Easy to use
  • Robust construction with long life
  • Low investment cost and easy maintenance

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