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Welcome into the world of animal health monitoring and powerful heat detection solutions. HeatSeeker™ RT+ combines activity level with eating behavior data for the best herd management decisions. Save money while increasing your production!

Breed your cows back faster with SmartDairy® and our HeatSeeker™ 5 and HeatSeeker™ RT+

  • Activity – Ability to identify cows requiring attention for servicing or for potential preventive health treatment
  • Advanced herd management – SmartDairy™ combined with HerdMetrix™ provides you an in-depth monitoring for further reporting. Flexibility in the reporting allows you to tune it to your own management style.
  • Long Range Tag Reading – Allows use with heifer groups with continuous monitoring of cow data
  • Long lasting power and tough shell – The quality of the shell and the lasting nature of the battery will make you forget that you actually installed these tags and focus on enjoying the return of your investment. BouMatic models a proven design and technology, with over a million sold throughout the world.

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