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- Model 3720 - Independent Coulter Drill


Realize Really Big Productivity, while maintaining your field finish. Ready to push the productivity envelope?. The new 3720 70' ICD will do just that! The 3720-70's expansive size combined with its Hi-Flotation front running gear will have you seeding faster and through wet areas that would have left you firmly stuck in the muck in years past.

  • Parallel Walking Coulter Arm Assembly - This advanced 1:1 parallel link design ensures accurate seed placement for many trouble-free seasons.
  • Contour-Ability & Consistency - Achieve consistent seeding depth in rolling land with a 1:1 parallel link design with minimal sensitivity to debris and existing seed furrows.
  • INCREASE Your Efficiency - The 3720 ICD is available in unit widths of up to 70 feet (21.3 m)!
  • Hi-Flotation Option
    • Centre Hi-Flotation option provides 800/65R32 front tires &16.5L rear tires on Main Frame only, and is available for 3720-60 & standard on 3720-70 units.
    • Full Hi-Flotation option provides 800/65R32 on the front of the main frame and 540/65R24 on the front of the wings, and 16.5L rear tires on the main frame, and is available for 3720-60 & 3720-70 units.
More information regarding running gear on theSpecifications Page.
  • Variety of Spacing Options - The 2-row Bourgault 3720 Independent Coulter Drill is offered at 7½' (190 mm), 10' (254 mm), and 12' (305 mm) spacings, with the flexibility of a row-crop spacing on the 7½' (190 mm) and 10' (254 mm) spaced models.
  • On-The-Fly Hydraulic Control - The Model 405 Control Box provides precise electric-over-hydraulic control so you can make adjustments as your conditions change.
  • Low Disturbance Seed Boot Scraper - The low disturbance seed boot scraper creates minimal disturbance to ensure precise seed placement and maximize moisture retention.
  • Winged Seedboot Scraper  - Available on 12” spacing only.
  • Choice Of Packer & Cleaner Wheels - You can configure the 3720 ICD for your specific requirements.
  • Series III Mid Row Banders - Achieve the best possible returns by placing your nitrogen fertilizer in the optimal location when one-pass seeding.

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