Bovi Hoof Care

- Hoof Care Box


The Hoof Care Box is used to handle the immediate problems, which occurs between the routine trimmings in a quick and simple way. Until now the box has been sold in more than 600 herds with a variation form 15 – 2700 cows in more than 8 different countries.


Minimum time consumption

It is not necessary to remove the cow from its herd and immediate environment as the cow will be fixated in the cattle fence and then the box is placed over the cow. In a very short period of time, the cow will be elevated and ready for treatment.

Simple operation

The box is operated by two mounted winch. The winch on the side elevates the cow and the winch on the back elevates both the for- and back leg. To secure a safe hoof trimming the Hoof Care Box is equipped with a supporting device for the for- and back leg. Furthermore, this supporting device can also be installed subsequently on all of our previously sold boxes.

6 good reasons to use the Hoof Care Box

  • The box is brought to the cow and not the other way around
  • The cow does not leave its immediate environment
  • You will be able to treat immediate problems yourself
  • Quick treatment and simple handling
  • 1 man, 1 cow, 1 minut
  • It can also be delivered as a heifer- or Jersey box

The measurements of the box:

  • Height: 2,10 meter
  • Width: 1,15 meter
  • Length: 2,40 meter

Optimal measures for the surroundings of the Hoof Care Box:
Space behind the box: 4 meters (but 3,5 meters will be okay)

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