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Hydration and nutritional support is essential for both herd health and performance during stressful events such as heat stress and freshening. Bovine BlueLite is a palatable and buffered source of electrolytes that includes potassium, sodium, magnesium and calcium to name a few. Combined with energy sources like dextrose, sucrose, fructose and others, Bovine BlueLite provides the nutrients necessary to help recover from dehydration and help restore cow health for reproduction, milk production and averting many metabolic issues. For instance, Bovine BlueLite contains betaine, an osmolyte that helps to maintain cell volume and fluid balance thereby helping improve protein synthesis, cell division, and helps maintain gut integrity. And finally, Bovine BlueLite is vitamin fortified with antioxidant vitamins necessary for combatting toxins.

Taking the time tested, proven Bovine BlueLite product, TechMix developed Bovine BlueLite Liquid, a very palatable electrolyte in a convenient liquid form. Knowing that animals feel and perform better with electrolytes, carbohydrates, and glucose, Bovine BlueLite Liquid is the ideal hydration supplement that was developed for its ease of use through micromachines, medicators and through the water.


Overcoming the dehydration stresses and health challenges that happen in your herd is the key to health and profitability.

Bovine BlueLite 2BW is the ultimate recovery product, combining the time-proven efectiveness of Bovine BlueLite plus the digestion supporting benefits of DFMs (direct-fed microbials). An easy-to-administer product, Bovine BlueLite 2Bs provides electrolytes, energy, and beneficial bacteria to maintain milk production and to encourage dry matter and water intakes.

Bovine BlueLite 2Bw contains 2.5 billion CFUs (colony forming units) to help populate the gut with beneficial bacteria, promoting optimum digestion and helping to break down feed ingredients such as carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. By adding Bovine BlueLite 2Bw to daily rations during periods of stress or at freshening, producers are able to increase feed and water intakes, while improving gut health issues.

Buffered Electrolytes, Potassium, Magnesium, Sodium Chloride, Osmolytes, Multiple Energy Sources, Acidification.

  • Encourages water intake
  • Helps improve feed intake
  • Replenishes electrolyte balance
  • Helps establish positive energy balance
  • Helps maintain milk production
  • Transition cows faster for higher peak milk

BlueLite 2BW

  • Powerful combination of electrolytes and DFM's for hydration and digestive support
  • Contains 2.5 billion CFUs (colony forming units) to help populate the gut with beneficial bacteria
  • Helps to promote optimum digestion and helping to break down feed ingredients such as carbohydrates, fats and proteins
  • Proper hydration helps to maintain body fluids and encourage water consumption
  • Promotes a healthy immune system

  • Patented formula helps reduce the negative impact on milk production caused by inadequate nutrient intake and physiological adaptations
  • Provides added nutrients, electrolytes, and fluid-balancing osmolytes to help avert metabolic issues and restore health
  • Provides multiple energy sources for quicker recovery
  • Patented pelleting technology delivers Bovine BlueLite effectively in a convenient form
  • DCAD neutral - can be added without feed reformulation

BlueLite 2BW

  • Natural bacteria to promote gut health and metabolize enzymes for digestion
  • Buffered electrolytes help reduce stress and dehydration
  • Rehydration formula contains multiple energy sources and vitamin fortification
  • Combines top quality bacteria by CHR Hanson and hydration innovation by TechMix

TMR Option 1:

Mix with grain, 2 ounces per cow per day. One 6 pound bag feeds approximately 50 cows.

TMR Option 2:
Mix appropriate amount of Bovine BlueLite in 5 gallon pail of warm water. Add to TMR for even dispersion.

Drinking Water:
Mix 2 pounds Bovine BlueLite with 128 gallons water.

Fresh Cow Groups:
Make available for first two weeks post-freshening at a rate of 2 ounces per cow per day

Heat Stress:
Mix 1 ounce two to three days before heat stress event daily, then when heat starts, increase dosage to 2 ounces per cow per day. When heat lowers, decrease usage to 1 ounce per cow per day until event passes. In times when heat remains high for an extended period of time, Bovine BlueLite can remain a continuous part of rations for heat abatement.

Top dress, or mix Bovine BlueLite Pellets in the TMR or grain portion of the dairy ration.

  • During mild heat stress and fresh cow pen - 4 oz. per head per day
  • During severe heat stress - 6 oz. per head per day

Drinking water: Provide fresh, clean supply of water at all times.

Mix in the TMR or grain portion of the dairy ration at a rate of 4-8 ounces (by weight) per head per day

  • During mild heat stress/cold weather, in the fresh cow and high cow pen: 4-6 oz. (by weight) per head per day
  • During severe heat stress/cold weather: 6-8 oz. (by weight) per head per day

Bovine BlueLite Liquid can also be used in a standard medicator. For more information, please contact your local Techmix Representative.

At receiving or during times of mild stress and environmental challenges feed 1 oz. (28.3 g) per head per day to provide 2.5 Billion CFU/oz. During periods of severe stress and environmental challenges feed 2 oz. (56.7 g) per head per day to provide 5 Billion CFU/oz. Apply 1-2 oz. per head to stock tank. One 6.25 lb bag will provide enough BlueLite for 100 head of cattle at a 1 oz. consumption rate or 50 head at a 2 oz. consumption rate.

  • Before or after transport
  • During cold stress events
  • During periods of heat stress
  • When changing feeding programs
  • During health challenges
  • Immediately post-freshening to help with transition
  • For show cattle

BlueLite 2BW

  • To keep cows milking, energized and healthy
  • To encourage dry matter intake
  • To maintain hydration
  • During hot weather
  • In fresh cow pens
  • During a change in feeding programs
  • During transit
  • During health challenges such as post-surgery, for winter dysentery, after digestive health issues, or in hospital pens

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