- Model Lancer 600 Series - Hydro-Mulcher



WithBowie’s Lancer 600, you can apply your product either from the working platform using the discharge cannon or from the ground using a hose. You can cover more area with less labor. This unit uses one clutch to operate the full size agitator and another to operate the pump. It is available as either a skid or trailer mounted unit. What ever your application needs are, you can rely upon Bowie’s“Built Strong....Built to Last”equipment.


Robin 25 hp Air Cooled


2' Bowie Gear Pump


Trailer 15’-6” (472 cm)
Skid 10’-8” (325 cm)


Trailer 6’-4” (193 cm)
Skid 4’-5” (135 cm)


Trailer 7’-5” (226 cm)
Skid 6’-6” (198 cm)

Empty Weight:

Trailer 2870 lbs (1302 kg)
Skid 2270 lbs (1030 kg)

Approx. Loaded Weight:

Trailer 8100 lbs (3674 kg)
Skid 7500 lbs (3402 kg)

Liquid Capacity:

597 US Gallons
(2260 Liters)

Standard Included Parts and Equipment:

4-Nozzles (EC1735, EC1739 EC1740 & EC1749)

4-Part F Quick Couplers

1-Part D 1 1/2”

1-2 5/16' Ball (Trailer Mounted Only)

Spanner Wrench

Parts Manual

Engine Manual


All specifications subject to change without notice.

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