- Model Victor 800 Series - Hydro-Mulcher



Bowie’s Victor 800is one of our most popular Hydro-Mulchers. The low maintenance, ease of use and high productivity of theBowie Victor 800 Hydro-Mulchermakes it a smart choice. With its many options, this piece of equipment makes it just right for your hydro-mulching needs. The trailer unit features a tandem 7000 lb. torflex axle, electric brakes on both axles, DOT running lights and an adjustable ball or pintle hitch.


John Deere 49 hp Diesel Engine


Trailer 17’-10” (544 cm)
Skid 11’-11” (363 cm)


Trailer 7’-4” (224 cm)
Skid 6’-1” (185 cm)


Trailer 8’-7” (262 cm)
Skid 7’-8” (234 cm)

Empty Weight:

Trailer 5470 lbs (2481 kg)
Skid 4400 lbs (1996 kg)

Pump Options:

3' Bowie Gear Pump
4' x 2' Centrifugal Pump

Liquid Capacity:

958 US Gallons
(3626 Liters)

Optional Equipment:

Clear Water Flush System

Standard Included Parts and Equipment:


4-Part F Quick Couplers

1-Part D 1 1/2”

1-2 5/16' Ball (Trailer Mounted Only)

Spanner Wrench

Parts Manual

Engine Manual


All specifications subject to change without notice.

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