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- Model 2000 - Electronic Brake Tester



The Bowmonk 2000 is the most technically advanced and versatile instrument available worldwide. Ideal for brake and skid testing, traffic accident investigation/reconstruction and vehiicle safety inspections. The unit is completely self contained, extreamely portable, and easy to use. It prints a hard copy of the test results on the built in printer. All results are time date stamped. The vehicle and examiner identification can be included via the touchpad. Up to 150 test storage capacity, with download capability via an (optional interface).

  • Easy to use with minimal key strokes.
  • Carry handle that also is used as a secure point for fixing in the vehicle
  • The printer produces two-part printouts or allows for multiple copies to be printed.
  • Graphic print out for easy interpretation.
  • All necessary parameters are printed out.
  • Stores 150 tests.
  • Tests can be downloaded to a PC
  • Self contained with rugged exterior
  • Suitable for testing all types of vehicles with service and hand brakes
  • Minimal training required. Operation is very simple, each step of the procedure is guided by the LCD display.
  • A full 12-month warranty.

Acceleration Testing:

The Acceleration test is as simple as doing a brake test. The display will show the incremental speed increase since triggering and the time duration. A pedal force or hydraulic/air pressure transducer (PFT) can be connected to the instrument to record the pedal force applied or brake system pressure used during the test.

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