Box Train Trolleys


BOX-TRAIN trolleys are an innovative system for collecting fruit, grapes, vegetables and various farm products in bins, and can be used in every type of orchard and in cultivated fields, on grass-covered or compact ground, flat or slightly hilly surfaces. The basic unit consists of a pair of trolleys, manufactured in ST version, capacity of one bin per trolley and DL version, capacity two bins per trolley.

  • completely galvanised and detachable, suitable for accommodating wood or  plastic bins of all sizes (also pallets for cases harvesting)
  • small wide tread tubeless tyres, places on a track narrower than that of the tractor, assure load stability and elasticity, avoiding damage to the produce even on bumpy ground
  • to optimise work it’s necessary to join a number of pairs to form a train, which must be drawn by a small tractor, and the particularity is that the last trolley follows exactly the same path as the first and with the same radius of curvature

Trolleys are built in accordance with European safety standards, and the use of this system makes it possible to work in quality, with considerable time savings and areduction in harvesting costs

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