Model BP - Bale Positioner



Built for 2.0yd3 - 4.5yd3 Wheel Loaders. Designed to spear and position two bales simultaneously, reducing the number of handling times. Mechanically spacing rows of bales helps minimize spoilage by eliminating pockets for snow, ice, and rain to accumulate.

Fits todays Popuplar Quick Attachs
Available in Volvo, John Deere Hi-Vis, CAT IT, CAT Fushion, JRB Compatible

Maximize Your Existing Machine
GrabTectm products maximize the capabilities of your existing machine allowing you to handle more material with each load, reducing the total number of loads, making you more efficient. Do more in less time.

Total Load Capacity (lbs) 4,000
Cylinder Size (in) 2-1/2
Total Weight (lbs) 1,392
Slider Type Greaseless
Slider Type (lbs) 2,000
Slider Travel Distance (in) 30

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