- Model M25 - Two-Row Mounder



The Bracke M25.a is a light and versatile mounder that can be attached to a mid-sized prime mover. This makes it suitable for smaller scarification sites where high maneuverability is a priority.

The arms of the M25.a are articulated laterally, so that it gives way to stumps and stones. To further increase maneuverability in the field and to offer even greater variation in scarification, the Bracke M25.a can be supplied with several types of mattock wheel. The M25.a’s hydraulics feature load-sensing valves that are connected to the tractor. The Bracke M25.a delivers good results on all site types, but is a particularly good choice when terrain conditions vary considerably.

Continuous adjustment
The operator controls the Bracke M25.a effortlessly from the cab using the Bracke Growth Control control system. Choose between eight preset programs depending on stand conditions. The planting spots are laid out in the direction of travel, at equal distances irrespective of speed or terrain variations. The mattock wheels are hydraulically controlled and their rate of rotation is geared to the machine’s speed. Bracke Growth Control’s variable settings enable the operator to set the mounder to make mounds or scarify patches of varying lengths.

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