Tifone s.r.l.

- 3 Point Tractor Mounted Air Sprayer



The Bravo line: New and Unique Advantages. Tank Capacity:  300 - 400 - 500 - 600 Litres.

  • Totally Rounded.
  • Not wetting the driver.
  • Low centre of gravity = stability also in slope condition
  • Tank content meter by large index and scale 
  • Optimal mixing of the spraying mixture. No sediment.
  • Total utilization of the tank content.
  • Fresh water tank with selector valve for a quick circuit flushing. 
  • Chassis with impact-resistant belt, peripheral.
  • Steel keel for protection to ground.
  • Filling hole of tank on the left side.
  • Constant pressure regulator, micro adjusting.
  • Autofilter: the pressure filter continuously flushed clear.
  • Never clogged. Never to be cleaned.
  • Anti-drift Propeller: Air Volume and Penetration Power adjusted in seconds. 
  • Dosing Probe: Fast and safe. instantly sucking and mixing powders, granules and liquid chemicals.
  • The Air sprayers of BRAVO line are suitable for the spraying of the most various Trees Plantations: Vineyards, Orchards, Nurseries and Greenhouses, etc.

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