- Multi-Site Fungicide



BRAVO is the world's leading multi-site fungicide and foundation partner for fungal control programs. BRAVO is the ideal foundation partner for many fungicide programs and also provides growers with significant yield and quality benefits that result in an excellent return on investment. Its broad range of biological activity has made BRAVO one of the world’s leading contact fungicides.

BRAVO is a preventative broad-spectrum fungicide with a multi-site mode of action and is effective against numerous fungal diseases. Thanks to its unique mode of action, no resistance to BRAVO has been confirmed anywhere in the world after more than 30 years of widespread use. BRAVO is registered for use on over 65 crops (agriculture, horticulture and turf) for the control of more than 125 diseases throughout the world.

  • Additional brands: Daconil Weather Stik, Ultrex Weather Stik
  • Targets: Fungi
  • Main crops: Cereals, potatoes, tomatoes, vegetables, stone fruit, peanuts, bananas, turf, coffee, and many other crops.
  • Geography: Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, Pacific Islands

Main customer benefits:

  • Unique mode of action fungicide with multi-site activity for a wide range of crops
  • Broad spectrum activity against all four classes of fungi
  • Leading partner for fungi resistance management

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