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- Model MT-16 and MT-20 - Single Auger Horizontal Mixer



Our trailed horizontal mixer has a mixing and chopping system that has evolved over the years to achieve optimum performance. Operating basically on a central axis on which two hollow spirals are mounted which move from the ends to the centre of the axis. This mixing system ensures product movement both lengthwise and crosswise, while avoiding excessive compression of the ingredients, obtaining a  fluffy and homogenous mix. The two beaters mounted on the  interior wall of the tub that perform a circular motion, ensure better product flow. This system ensures greater homogeneity of the mixture,  more regular chopping and reduced mixing time. In turn, the working concept of the machine reduces the risk of breakage due to the absence of mechanical moving parts and traction, as the auger is powered by direct transmission of the tractor.

  • Long working life
  • Simple working concept
  • Reduced height
  • Minimum power requirement
  • Low maintenance costs

The main advantage of our horizontal mixer lies in getting a good mixture with any amount of product, without the need for the minimum filling levels.

Weighing  system with a single horizontal auger with bolted blades.

Beater system in series on wall opposite the discharge,  for the movement of the product.

Driven by a planetary reduction oil bath lubricated gear shaft.

Highly robust Machine, high quality materials, minimal maintenance.


  • Hydraulic footstand
  • Manual brake
  • Two control with wires ( manual beater control)
  • Steps
  • Programmable weighscale (15 rations x 15 ingredients)
  • Full hydraulic installation.
  • 930 mm discharge belt in carbon steel.


  • Stainless steel  bottom


  • Change belt to opposite side
  • Belt flow regulator
  • Hydraulic elevation belt
  • Belt extension
  • Chain, Bottom discharge and crossbars in stainless steel
  • Double discharge


  • Manual brake
  • Hydraulic brake
  • Manual and hydraulic  brake
  • Pneumatic and manual brake


  • Solenoid valve control
  • Radio control (wireless)


  • Hydraulic footstand with hand pump
  • Mechanical footstand


  • Change wheels (different models)


  • Special chassis with springs


  • Bale kit
  • Battery kit
  • Lighting installation


Double input inverter for 7 10 and 13 mt (som)

Magnetic plate 750x220


Change of curved to straight shaft

Add beater

Working lights

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