Breeders Housing System



The commercial poultry farms with full production cycle have their own parents flock of breading hens and roosters. Parents flock housing pursues the objective of pullets breeding for adult livestock replacement. Conditions of parents flock housing directly influence on pullets quality.

TEXHA Company produces special equipment both for separate and joined parents flock hens and roosters housing.  For joined housing the cage for 29 hens and 3 roosters is used. When separate housing is used each rooster is housed separately. Hens are also housed separately for 4-5 hens per cage. The cage is easy to use; it is made of high quality steel and equipped with feeders and watering system; it is adopted for easy and qualitative cleaning that helps to house poultry in cleanness. There is a special additional feeder for roosters. 

Breeders housing in cages create optimal conditions for the parents flock that has positive impact for its productivity in particular for hatching eggs production. TEXHA’s cage construction has the adjustable perch, comfortable shaded nest. It gives possibility to get high quality hatching eggs independently to the birdscrosses which are used. The cages are equipped with protective galvanized shield which protects eggs from pecking and reduces eggs lost. Parents flock cage housing promote their genetically potential implementation. 

Housing of laying hens in TEXHA’s cages decrees expensiveness for its maintenance, gives possibility to support optimal microclimate in the poultry house. TEXHA’s designs in cage equipment take in to account all the best experience both of the national and foreign breeders which work in the field of different birds crosses breeding.

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