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- Model 2-Bar - Chisel Plow


The 2-Bar Mounted Chisel Plow has been a staple item in the line of primary tillage tools for over 45 years.  It was designed as a complement to the 3-Bar Mounted Chisel Plow.  With its 5 and 7 shank sizes, the 2-Bar Mounted Chisel Plow fits into smaller operations and niche markets around the country.  The 2-Bar frame allows for handy maneuvering and easy pulling in the field.  The ability of these machines to reach just slightly deeper into the soil profile than the moldboard plow allows producers to manage compaction layers in a very economical way.  The 2-Bar Mounted Chisel Plow has stood the test of time and will continue to be the tillage tool of choice for certain applications well into the future.

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