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- Model Basic Machine/Basic Tillage - Sub Soiler


The Brillion Sub Soilers are built on an all welded one-piece frame.  The shanks bolt to a set of adjustable angle irons that are fastened to the underside of the frame.  The rear shank mount bolt is the pivot; the front shank mount bolt is the shear bolt.  When an obstruction is encountered, the front bolt will shear and the shank will trip rearward to clear the obstruction.  The machine must then be raised out of the soil, the shank returned to position and a new shear bolt installed.  This is a very user friendly procedure to minimize downtime in the field.  The Sub Soiler is designed to operate at a maximum depth of 16”.  Since maximum horsepower requirements are limited to 120 HP, these units are designed for small to medium size operations.  These machines are close coupled to the tractor with either a Cat.

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