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Broccoli has its origins in Italy but has become big in especially the United States. Rijk Zwaan is an up-and-coming player in this crop: the first top varieties are here. Our varieties are characterised by, among other things, a good crop performance in extreme conditions.

The breeding programme for broccoli started several years ago and is now beginning to come to fruition. Rijk Zwaan has varieties that are especially suitable for different climate zones and seasons, so that we can play into the increasing popularity of broccoli all over the world.

Pretty presentation
Broccoli is an extremely healthy vegetable, not least because of its high glusinolates content. Besides these traits, our breeders also look at a pretty external presentation so that the consumer finds a healthy, tasty and attractive product on the shelves. For growers we select on reliability, uniformity and a maximum yield.

Loose florets
Within the fruit and vegetable sector the popularity of the convenience segment is soaring; that is also increasingly the case with ready-to-use vegetables. For broccoli this means that in our breeding work we look specifically at the wishes from the industry. This is all about the quality and firmness of the broccoli florets, but even more important is the uniformity of the crop.

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