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- Model ABC - Commercial Grain Sweeps


For unloading grain from a commercial storage bin, Brock offers two outstanding choices: the Brock MODEL ABC™ Bin Sweep or the Brock SWEEP-MASTER® Bin Sweep.

Both sweeps are:

  • Rugged commercial-quality sweep systems.
  • Ability to do single-pass or double-pass operation.
  • Designed to be fully-submersed in grain until the sweep is needed to finish the unloading process.
  • Compatible with Brock's SWEEP-TRACKER® Controller.
  • Offer options for zero-bin-entry use.

These BROCK® Sweep Systems are two more ways how Brock is DIFFERENT BY DESIGN™.

Solid Construction for Gentle Unloading

Brock’s MODEL ABC™ Bin Sweep System:

  • Provides efficient unloading of flat-bottom bins 30 to 200 feet (9 to 60 meters) in diameter and is capable of capacities up to 18,000 bushels per hour (630 cubic meters or 460 metric tons).
  • Is designed to be fully submerged in grain and to operate after gravity no longer unloads a flat-bottom storage bin.
  • Offers options for zero-bin-entry use.


Product Features

  • Gently and evenly moves grain to discharge sump in single-pass or double-pass operation.
  • Is the only sweep with a hydraulically-powered drive and agitator system for handling heavy unloading conditions and helping to prevent motor burnout.
  • Standard foam-filled wheel drive system


Optional Patented Crawler Track Drive System:

  • Features hydraulically-driven tank-style endless chain track with replaceable urethane cleats.
  • Designed for use with harder-to-flow materials such as soybeans and rice.
  • Keeps sweep close to the bin floor to reduce grain damage.


Why Use an Agitator?

  • Patented agitator adjusts to assist with irregular flow materials and to provide even clean-out.
  • Efficiently break up material clusters and help clean out bridged material.
  • Optional Sidewall Agitator digs into compacted material along sidewall of bin.

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