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Brock Grain Systems has long had a reputation for providing industry-leading features and bin accessories for on-farm storage bins. Below are a couple of ways BROCK On-Farm Bins are Different By Design: Giant 39-inch (991-mm) fill hole features a rigid 24-inch (610-mm) diameter center ring to accommodate most auxiliary equipment. Spun steel lid is shaped from a single piece of galvanized steel for a tight, life-long fit. The lid opens wide for easy access to the fill hole or latches tightly to make a weather-resistant dome.

  • Every roof is supplied with a large manhole that has a people-friendly 'obround' shape for easy entry and exit. Its cover has heavy hinges and a strong, rotating latch.
  • A sturdy tubular handrail placed next to the roof manhole is standard on Brock bins to assist entry and exit through the opening.
  • Brock's strong sidewall body sheets are made with G-90 galvanized steel with a tensile strength of 65 ksi (448 Mpa) to protect your grain and provide maximum strength at all levels. Bins are available with your choice of either narrow-corrugation (2.66-inch / 68-mm wide) or wide-corrugation (4-inch / 102-mm) models.
  • Identification codes are stamped on every body sheet providing manufacturing date, part number and steel gauge.
  • Sidewalls for all BROCK® On-Farm Grain Bins are assembled using high strength Grade #8.2 bin seal bolts with the JS-1000™ rust-resistant coating. Brock’s optional rust-proof polypropylene-encapsulated bin assembly bolts provide enhanced corrosion resistance.
  • Grain bin foundations are designed to secure the bins against 90 mph (145 kph) winds, even when empty.
  • The bin anchor system supplies a strong, load bearing connection to the foundation. This design, combined with the foundation sealant, helps to provide a weather-tight seal.
  • Brock's industry-leading five-year warranty program on farm grain bins - we believe we have the best warranty in the industry! See Brock’s full written warranty for complete warranty details.

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