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Brock Grain Systems has a world-wide reputation for providing reliable on-farm storage that allows farmers to market their grain when they are ready. That's because BROCK* Bins provide dependable, secure storage season after season. Backed by years of design engineering experience and resourceful manufacturing, Brock has led the way with practical innovations such as sidewalk with 4-inch (102-mm) wide corrugations for added strength, easy-open access doors that require no tools, and 44-inch (1118-mm) wide sidewall sheets which result in fewer seams and faster construction. That's why farmers all over the world turn to Brock for grain storage Leadership Through Innovation* for the 21st Century.


No matter how sophisticated your grain system becomes in the future, the core of that system will always be the bin. Selecting the right size bin with the capacity you need is easy with Brocks large selection of diameters and eave heights. With a complete line of flat-bottom storage bins as well as hopper-bottom holding bins for both farm and commercial markets. Brock now offers single bin capacities ranging from a modest 750 bushels (25 M3) to one of the worlds largest with nearly 1.34 million bushels (44,500 M3).

Industry-leading bin accessories like Brock’s LATCH-LOCK Walk-Through Bin Door make grain storage manageable with the least amount of hassle. The one-piece outer door opens wide to fasten securely against the side of the bin. The four interlocking inner panels open in sequence from top to bottom with a simple lift of the patented latches. No tools required.

BROCK ’s field-proven GUARDIAN Series fans and heaters are designed for maximum efficiency for in-bin drying and aeration. Your local Brock dealer can fit your grain bin with the properly sized fans and heaters to provide the right grain conditioning for your climate conditions. It is an investment that pays off now and for grain storage cycles to come.

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