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Three windows for a full and automatic filling of feed pan, Pan easy to use for day-old chicks thanks to a specially designed pan grill, Feed saving collar of feed pan so that the loose of feed from feeders is minimized, Anti spill brim prevents feed wastage, Provides fresh feed through the whole period of chickens fattening, Feeder windows are fully open in every position of dose regulator controller, Feed pan set on the floor - dose regulator opens automatically, Feed pan raised to the top of the feeding line - dose regulator closes automatically and the feed is poured directly into a pan plate, Precise control of feed consumption - simple dosage control by the regulator of feed doses, Easy installation and usage of the pan, easy disassembly, Easy to cleaning and maintenance of hygiene of pan.

Models and versions of feed pans for broilers

Feed pan - CA45A model

  • 12-arm grill
  • Cone with 3 windows

Feed pan - CA45C model

  • 12-arm grill
  • Cone with 3 lower windows

Feed pan - RI45C model

  • 6-arm grill
  • low windows.

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