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The new BroMaxx Mobile Conveyor enables harvesting of all tiers and rows of the BroMaxx colony system at the same time. The Collection Unit is placed behind the colony system. Tiers one and three transport broilers to one side of the house while tiers two and four transport birds to the opposite side. Simultaneous running of all belts not only ensures a high harvesting capacity, but also saves time and labour.

  • Simultaneous harvesting of all tiers and rows Harvesting of all tiers and rows of the Bromaxx colony system at the same time
  • Transportable system The BroMaxx Mobile Conveyor can easily be transported and is therefore suitable to harvest multiple houses.
  • High harvesting capacity All belts running simultaneously ensures a high harvesting capacity
  • Easy handling of crates The Extension Unit outside the house allows easy and ergonomic processing of broilers into crates.
  • Automatic transport of crates into trucks The optional TransTruck conveyor connects the harvesting equipment with the truck and allows automatic transport of crates into trucks.

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