- Broiler Colony System



The BroMaxx broiler colony system ensures perfect environment, hygiene and animal health and therefore maximum growth and a uniform broiler flock with premium meat quality. The system is designed for high bird density and smart harvesting methods result in significant labour savings.

  • Perfect meat quality The FlexFloor floor system, adapts to the weight, size and shape of the broiler chicken and provides the necessary support for the breast and feet. Good manure pervious and the highly hygienic condition of the floor prevent foot pad dermatitis.
  • High liveability The hygienic floors with underlying manure belts and optimal ventilation create a healthy living environment and result in high liveability. Antibiotic use for prevention of respiratory infections and other diseases is minimal.
  • Efficient harvesting method The FlexFloor and underlying manure belt function together to provide an efficient, labour-saving harvesting method. Broilers are removed from the house fully automatically without the need to catch them.
  • Optimal feed conversion The good health of broilers in the BroMaxx colony system has a positive impact on feed conversion. The patented anti-spill feed pan improves feed conversion even more.
  • Fresh water always available Drink lines are flushed regularly by an automatic flushing system. Broilers in every compartment always have enough fresh water. Anti-drip cups prevent water from dripping onto the manure belt.
  • Perfect light Light is an important aspect for broiler growth and feed conversion. Adjustable LED lighting provides perfect light. The LED lights are sustainable and consume little energy.
  • High bird density The ideal dimensions and layout of the BroMaxx colony system allow maximum bird density. Optimal bird density results in higher profitability.
  • Guaranteed feed supply The BroMaxx feed distribution system guarantees sufficient feed supply to all broilers in all compartments.
  • Water registration system In order to get right data, Jansen Poultry Equipment developed a water registration system that only measures water that is being used for consumption by birds.

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