- Model 375 - Add-On Drainage Plow



Certified to maintain grade, installing farm drainage tile has never been more accurate with BRON Add-On Drainage Plows. BRON plows can be mounted to Rubber Tire Tractors, Rubber Tracked Tractors and Dozers. 


Power Feeder

Improve your plowing performance with greater consistency in laying tile with the assistance of the power feeder. This valued feature ensures the tile 3'-8' feeds into the chute properly, without damage and with less labour.


Manual Grease Bank

A safer and easier way to add grease to your pin points on the plow.


GPS: Laser Mast Laydown

Hydraulically raises and lowers the mast for transport purposes.



Available in sizes 3', 4', 6' and 8'. RWF BRON also designs and builds sand, gravel hoppers and custom made chutes.


Saving You Time, Effort, and Money

AGPS-Pipe Pro is unique software that saves drainage pipe (tile) installers time, effort, and money. This software calculates the slopes and grade breaks for an entire main or lateral using Vertical Curve Technology™ and controls the machine grade during installation. AGPS-Pipe Pro captures lines during install to easily make CAD maps showing drain layout.

  • Efficient Design - RTK GPS or Laser + DGPS Vertical Curve Technology
  • Profile View
  • Bird’s-Eye View with Rotating Grid
  • Real-Time Depth & Slope Information
  • Real-Time Guidance Information
  • Distance Report
  • Export Drawing of Completed Field
  • Tile Uphill or Downhill
  • Simple Program Navigation
  • Touch Screen or Keyboard

  • Model: 375 Drainage Plow Add-On
  • Plow Weight: 5,800 Lbs
  • Rubber Tire Tractor: Min. 270 HP
  • Crawler Tractor: Min. 180 HP
  • Tile Sizes: 3', 4', 5', 6', 8'
  • Maximum Cutting Depth: 66'

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