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- Agricultural Broom / Industrial Broom


The BROOMATE Agricultural / Industrial broom has been developed to incorporate best design and materials to ensure a robust and efficient product design. Manufactured in to the highest standard, it is highly versatile, it can be used to clear commercial and industrial debris, rubbish, leaves and even snow, standing water and industrial spills effectively, keeping your workplace clear and minimizing damage from accidents or weather.

The bristles have been developed following research into the most hardwearing and suitable materials to do the job and are made of densely packed 'Polypropylene' bristles for heavy-duty industrial sweeping.

The 5mm galvanized steel hood is tough, it incorporates linkages for tyne forks as standard. 3 point linkage or hitch carriages can be provided as additions to fit any type of requirement such as JCB Tool carrier, JCB Quick hitch, JCQ Q-fit Carriage.

  • Economic and Practical - with a powerful sweeping action at a fraction of the cost of a mechanical sweeper
  • Productivity - will dramatically reduce your cleanup time and costs
  • Long lasting - rugged construction and a long brush life
  • Low maintenance - with no moving parts to break or wear out, and no downtime
  • Easy bristle replacement - simply slide-in slide-out
  • Easy versatile mounting - quickly and simply attached to your forklift or loader
  • Safety - no moving parts, minimal dust
  • Easy cleaning with water or steam
  • Bi-directional - sweep forward or in reverse

  • construction site cleaning
  • warehouse cleaning
  • factory cleaning
  • livestock yard cleaning
  • recycling plant cleaning
  • gravel & sand
  • quarrys
  • mud & slurry
  • waste & litter
  • foilage cleaning
  • light snow cleaning

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