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- Skid Loader Composting Aerators



Mounting: Universal Quick Attach similar to the skid loader bucket. Power Requirements: Unit driven by hydraulic oil from the skid loader. Not based on engine horsepower of skid. Minimum specs are: 20 gallon per minute flow and 2000psi. Maximum is 35 gallons per minute flow at 3000 psi. The Aerator has an internal pressure relief of 3000psi or less.


Width: 6,7, or 8' width available.
Options: Manual Angle, hydraulic tilt, Ski shoes, Cable Guards.

Dewatering: The horizontal aerator provides an economical, mechanical solution for dewatering wastewater and potable (drinking) water sludge in beds. The rapid handling rate exposes 100% of the material to oxygen so that evaporation is not impeded. Sludge is rapidly dried to a 50-60% solids level for ease of handling and disposal.

Bioremediation: The aerator assures maximum aeration, thorough blending and rapid decomposition of the contaminant. The aerator is designed to work 'insitu,' thus saving the cost of excavation and trucking.

Composting: Brown Bear aerators are being successfully operated in composting operations for wastewater sludge, yard waste and animal manure. The aerator is an effective and economical means of aerating windrows. It is also a rapid way of mixing dissimilar material prior to windrowing. It is the only turner that builds its own windrows initially.

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