- Livestock Vaccine - Brucella Abortus Vaccine



Composition:One dose of vaccine contains; Attenuated Brucella abortus S19: 40-120 x 109 CFU/doz. Enzymatic digest of Proteins / Casein:0,125 mg/doz. Sucrose: 0,25 mg/doz. Sodium glutamate: 0,05 mg/doz. HEPES: 0,01 mmol/doz.

  • Indications: It is applied to female cattle of 3-6 months age for protection purpose against brucellosis.
  • Contraindications: It is not applied on male animals and animals older than 6 months.
  • Administration and Dosage: It is administered 1 ml to healthy female cattle of 3-6 months old subcutaneously on the left side of neck. Single use injector must be used for vaccination of each animal. It must not be administered to the animals older than 6 months and male animals.
  • Warnings: Lyophilized vaccine drawn into a sterilized injector is homogenized with 3-4 ml of dilution liquid adding into dilution liquid with the same injector and made ready for application after mixing. Mixing vaccine vial must be repeated until vaccination is completed.
  • Diluted vaccine must be used within 2 hours at the latest.
  • Brucella abortus S 19 may cause disease on human although it is an attenuated strain. Therefore, suitable biosafety measures must be taken while working with the bacteria.
  • During diluting vaccine and treatment of diluted vaccine, improper injection, eye and skin contact must be avoided.
  • General rules on asepsis and anti-asepsis must be observed during application.
  • Gloves must be used during vaccination and antiseptic solution must be made available to use when necessary.
  • After the vaccination is completed, injection equipment must be decontaminated with suitable disinfectants (Phenol, iodine or aldehyde).
  • Medical advice must be sought against accidental contacts.
  • In no case the vaccine exposed to the sun beam quite a while should be used.
  • The animals to be vaccinated should be healthy.
  • Asepsis and antisepsis rules must be observed during vaccine treatment.<0}
  • In rare cases, adrenergic and antihistaminic preparations should be administered for the sensitive animals just before the vaccination.
  • BRUDOLL-A Genç should only be administered by the veterinarian or technicians under the supervision of the veterinarians.<
  • Adverse Effects: Small hard nodules which may be observed on injection site and a temporary in crease of body temperature are considered as normal vaccine reaction.
  • Formal Purification Period: It is recommended vaccinated animals must not be slaughtered for a period of 90 days.
  • Storage Conditions: At +2/+8 ºC temperature in refrigerator and in darkness.

Type of packaging:

  • 2 dose lyophilized vaccine and 2 ml dilution water
  • 4 dose lyophilized vaccine and 4 ml dilution water
  • 5 dose lyophilized vaccine and 5 ml dilution water}
  • 10 dose lyophilized vaccine and 10 ml dilution water
  • 20 dose lyophilized vaccine and 20 ml dilution water
  • Rules for Disposal: Diluted vaccines which are not used are destroyed boiling for 15 minutes
  • Lyophilized vaccines unused are returned to manufacturer company for disposal.

For Veterinary Use Only

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