- Livestock Vaccine - Brucella Melitensis Rev1 Vaccine



Composition: One dose of vaccine contains;. Attenuated Brucella melitensis Rev 1:0.5-4 x 109 CFU/dose. Enzymatic digest of Proteins / Casein: 0.125 mg/dose. Sucrose: 0.25 mg/dose. Sodium glutamate: 0,05 mg/dose. HEPES: 0,01 mmol/dose.

  • Indications: It is applied to sheep and goats of 4-6 months age for protection purpose against brucellosis.
  • Contraindications: It must not be used in pregnant animals or animals in lactation period and adult male animals.
  • Administration and Dosage: Nanny and male lambs and yeans 4-6 months age is applied 1 ml subcutaneously to hairless armpit area. Single use injector must be used for vaccination of each animal. It must not be administered to the animals older than 6 months.
  • Warnings: Lyophilized vaccine drawn into a sterilized injector is homogenized with 3-4 ml of dilution liquid adding into dilution liquid with the same injector and made ready for application after mixing. Mixing vaccine vial must be repeated until vaccination is completed.
  • Diluted vaccine must be used within 2 hours at the latest.
  • Brucella melitensis Rev 1 may cause disease on human although it is an attenuated strain. Therefore, suitable biosafety measures must be taken while working with the bacteria. During diluting vaccine and treatment of diluted vaccine, improper injection, eye and skin contact must be avoided. General rules on asepsis and anti-asepsis must be observed during application. Gloves must be used during vaccination and antiseptic solution must be made available to use when necessary. After the vaccination is completed, injection equipment must be decontaminated with suitable disinfectants (Phenol, iodine or aldehyde). Medical advice must be sought against accidental contacts.
  • Since the vaccine could be dangerous for cattle, vaccinated animals must be prevented to contact with cattle.
  • In no case the vaccine exposed to the sun beam quite a while or vaccines with damaged package integrity be used.
  • The animals to be vaccinated should be healthy.
  • Asepsis and antisepsis rules must be observed during vaccine treatment.
  • In rare cases, adrenergic and antihistaminic preparations should be administered for the sensitive animals just before the vaccination.
  • BRUDOLL-M Gençshould only be administered by the veterinarian or technicians under the supervision of the veterinarians.
  • Adverse Effects: Small hard nodules which may be observed on injection site and a temporary in crease of body temperature are considered as normal vaccine reaction.
  • Formal Purification Period: It is recommended vaccinated animals must not be slaughtered for a period of 90 days.
  • Storage Conditions: At +2/+8 ºC temperature in refrigerator and in darkness.
  • Type of Packaging: 25 dose lyophilized vaccine and 25 ml dilution water,
    • 50 dose lyophilized vaccine and 50 ml dilution water,
    • 100 dose lyophilized vaccine and 100 ml dilution water,
    • 200 dose lyophilized vaccine and 200 ml dilution water,

Rules for Disposal: Diluted vaccines which are not used are destroyed boiling for 15 minutes. Lyophilized vaccines unused are returned to manufacturer company for disposal.

For Veterinary Use Only.

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