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Brush Cutters


Grass Trimmers, Brushcutters and Clearing Saws are useful and versatile tools saving you time and energy when removing or just thinning vegetation, either for large expanses or for small restricted locations including being able to reach places impractical for larger machinery. We supply Machinery, genuine Parts and Servicing; choosing mainly Stihl products because they are efficient, well made and come with good backup.


  • Bike Handles (aka 'Cow Horn') allow better sweeping motion and greater control.
  • Loop Handles are useful in areas where space is restricted.

Power Plants:

  • Electric is relatively quiet and simple to maintain, ideal for light vegetation.
  • Petrol tends to be more powerful and is not restricted to having to be close to a power supply. 

Cutting Tools:

  • Grass: plastic Line / Cord (SuperCut, Autocut, TrimCut heads).
  • Light Vegetation: plastic Line / Cord (as above) or plastic blades (PolyCut head).
  • Heavy Vegetation: Metal grass cutting blades. 
  • Bushes: Metal brush 'Knives'.
  • Thin Sappling: Circular Saw blades.

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