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- Model BM83-88D - Commercial Brush Clearing Slope Mowers


The BrushMaster was specifically developed to clear property quickly – up to 5 times faster than other commercial mowers. The commerical mower leaves an attractive appearance to the land while retaining trees larger than 4' in diameter. This machine cuts differently from our slope mowing machines. The land clearing BrushMaster pushes brush and trees forward cutting everything close to the ground then runs over the cut materials, recutting them into small clippings that pass through the rear discharge cutting deck. The clippings are left flat on the ground where they quickly deteriorate and fertilize the soil.


Land clearing for residential and commercial development

Lot clearing


Clearing for recreational use, including parks, trails and campgrounds

Right of way vegetation control

Environmentally Friendly

The cut material mats the forest floor making it passable for vehicles to travel over cut areas, which is an advantage over plowed areas.  The root structure of trees and other plant life is not damaged by the BrushMaster. Root damage is the primary reason for erosion after prescribed burning and/or plowings. New growth is not readily flammable for about one year.  Animals and birds can get to the ground to feed.  They are attracted to and thrive in areas cut by the BrushMaster. 

One of the most important results of clearing with the BrushMaster is land beautification.  The appreciative public response to the beautification is of immeasurable value to the government agency that has done the work.

Clears land quickly and efficiently!

Clears 1 1/4 acres in an hour or less

Cuts down everything except desirable trees over 4” in diameter - cutting all brush into small clippings that lay flat on the ground for appearances, leading to rapid decomposition.

Clears all of the heavy brush, vines, palmettos, and small trees from forested areas – while complying with the environmental demands of protecting the larger trees for possible retention

Maneuverable ”zero turn radius” machine that effectively clears the area, so that little or no hand labor is required

A machine that requires very little maintenance - while providing long life

It also works on slopes up to 32° and comes standard with a powerful 83 HP Yanmar, liquid-cooled diesel engine driving three hydraulic blade drive motors and dual hydro-static transmissions that allow the zero turn capability that is so necessary for efficient clearing. The 88' front mount, triple blade, rotary deck clears everything in its path, making this machine perfect for right of ways, parks, trails, survey lines, wildland-urban interface areas and the removal of brush.

This slope mower is so reliable that it is supported by a one year warranty. For highest efficiency, lowest labor, minimum maintenance and longest life – get the BRUSHMASTER!

Remove underbrush and trees up to 4' in diameter

Reduces undergrowth into small cuttings that lay flat on the ground, deteriorate in weeks fertilizing the soil

Does not damage the environment

Improvement of forested areas to create and maintain areas where appearances are important

Prepare and maintain areas to be used by people (camp grounds, parks, nature trails)

Preparing for development of property

Preparation for sale of property

Clearings for security

  • Cut: 88” cut, hydro-static, rear discharge, out-front rotary
  • Cutter Type: Rotary - 19” x 6” puncture proof casters support the cutter deck from the front of the machine
  • Cutter Assembly: 1/4” thick steel cutting deck
  • Cutting Height: 4” to 10” height adjustment
  • Blades: Three (3) 3/8” thick flat blades, with 1 1/2 diameter shafts
  • Engine: 83HP Yanmar Turbo-Charged diesel engine, water cooled
  • Slope: Slope mowing to 0° to 32°, designed and tested. Has a low center of gravity for safety on slopes
  • Steering: Self propelled skid steered through twin, closed loop hydraulic drive systems
  • Maneuverability: True “zero turn radius” (ZTR)
  • Tires: 44” x 18-16”, 8 ply rated tires
  • Seating: Operator is seated at the rear extremity of machine for safety
  • ROPS: Four point certified Roll Over Protection System (ROPS) with retractable seat belt
  • Hydraulics: Independently powered hydraulic skid steer wheel drives with hydraulic pumps and motors, and hydraulically driven cutter deck
  • Oil Reservoir: 52 gallon hydraulic oil reservoir, oil/air separator, to prevent foaming, overheating, and water intrusion from condensation
  • Diesel Fuel Tanks: 28 gallon; dual diesel fuel tanks on the front of the machine, away from the operator, designed to operate on steep slopes

Cab protection enclosure:

- Right and left doors with metal frames

- Expanded metal in the two door openings and the rear opening for protection from protruding limbs

- Screens behind the expanded metal to protect the operator from yellow jackets and wasps

Air conditioning with lexan sheeting replacing the screens

- A recirculating closed system air conditioner to protect the operator from smoke and other contaminents.

- Cab protection enclosure must be purchased for the air conditioning upgrade. Lexan sheeting covered by metal guarding replaces the screens from the cab protection enclosure.

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