Brush Mattresses


Brush mattresses are layers of living branches laid in a crisscross pattern, 1-2 branches thick, on a stream bank to form a living ground cover. The mattress that is formed protects the bank’s surface until the branches can root and native vegetation becomes established. This living system normally roots in the entire bank face, encouraging natural infiltration and immediately acting as a sediment trap

Installation Notes: Place material with the basal ends located toward the bottom of the slope. Using 3’ square spacing, drive dead wedge stakes into the plant material. Stretch wire or biodegradable twine or rope diagonally around the dead stakes and finish driving the stakes in to tighten the wire, twine or rope and secure the mattress. Finally, place a thin layer of soil over the entire area to encourage rooting. Irrigation is necessary immediately after installation.

Brush Mattress Sizes: 3/8”-3” diameter x random length x 2-4 branches thick

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