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“I was not a fan of old style scissor chutes, but when the Brute Stealth came out I really liked what I saw. The Brute Stealth is a great advancement in chute handling. The cattle don’t want to back up in the chute as often. It opens up wider and the doors match the animal better. The angled design just makes sense. We need to protect that animal especially the front shoulders where the impact on the animal is greatest. Being a custom processor, I work with all kinds of chutes day in and day out. The Brute Stealth is smooth and quiet. I really like running this chute!'

The design of the Brute Stealth chutes came from the drawing table to conception with a lot of hours put into study and design. The idea of an angled designed head gate was thought up after talking to veterinarians, kill plant managers, and producers. It just did not make sense why all chutes were made into a square box when the cattle we raise are not square. After studying different weights of cattle, we settled on an angle that is most conforming from mid range to heavy weight cattle. We felt this is when most of the bruising happens and causes the most impact on cattle profitability. According to studies, 36% of bruising that happens to beef cattle occurs in the front shoulder region. With more and more cuts of beef becoming popular from this region, we felt it was past due for change to help increase overall carcass value and less trimming at kill time.

With the angular design, we are able to, for the first time, put more surface area of the door onto the shoulders of the animal to dissipate the force of impact when the animal is being caught. This dissipation of force across a larger area helps reduce the trauma which causes bruising and lameness. According to veterinarians, there is often a misdiagnosis of sick animals days after processing due to bruised front quarters. Animals that are sluggish in the morning that don't get to the bunks right away are often times pulled and treated with a vaccine. When in fact they are sore and stiff from processing and not sick from a virus. This is a waste of cowboy and processing time not to mention waste of expensive vaccines.

When looking at side to side comparisons of the 'old style' processing chutes to the Brute Stealth chute, one can notice both visually and audibly that there is a difference in how the cattle are being caught. This also leads to a calmer animal that will respond better and produce better as well. Another benefit of the new design is when the cattle are exiting the chute. In 'old style' chutes, often times we see the cattle back up into the chute which causes an increase in stress when trying to get the animal out of the chute. The angular design allows for the head gate doors to be pulled back away from the animal's field of vision. This gives the animal a sense of being already out of the chute and it will leave in a forward motion calmer and more safely by not jumping away from the chute. This will lead to faster processing time and a savings in man hours.

Pair the Brute Stealth chute with a double wedged alley facility and you will see processing times that will blow your mind. With faster processing times and less stress on the cattle, you will be putting money in your pocket instead of leaving money on the table. This all while keeping the operator safe and out of harm's way. The tub allows the operator to stay outside of the cattle while using their natural tendencies to move in a circle away from pressure. Human interaction in a bud box can lead to safety issues with wild animals and adds additional stress to the animal leading to loss in performance. Our tub and double alley takes little training to properly use effectively. We spend extra time to create the best flows out of our tub that allow cattle to work themselves into the double wedge alley or load out alley. Tubs that are designed with improper 90 degree exits lead to slower processing times and adds more stress on cattle. Brute Cattle Equipment can custom design facilities to meet your individual needs and space available.

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