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Model BT 18/25 - Dumper Trailer



10mm and side 10mm thick Hardbox fund. Upper edges form breaks rock. Lifted back part allows use without door. Chassis box beam reconstituted. Attachment arrow adjusts its height, includes double spring for attenuating crashes. Special TP bogie truck TP for large clearance. Oversized braking system with adjustable levers. Hydraulic system controlled by high-performance, industrial-type piston pump (flow and pressure). 70° angle swing actioned by side jacks of double effect, Dumper-type. Fast-acting descending swing cycle due to high distributor. Homologation for both, road and building sites

Hydraulic assistance option:

1. With traction in “on” mode AV and AR in 4 driving tires (4WD) up to 8 km/h and 2 driving wheels (2WD) up to 16km/h

  • Description: engines of Poclain wheels integrated in the axles (Gourdon design), variable-displacement pump 225l/min 350bars (pdf 1000tr/min), integrated cooler, anti-ice-skating, embarked electronics, case of order inside cabin, 4t of pressure at the attachment, retained in descent
  • Principle: user sets an instruction of assistance (visible on the panel) with the help of joystick (AV-AR-RETENUE) and uses the trailer like a usual trailer, the passage of 4WD in 2WD then 0WD (and conversely) is automatic
  • Advantages: the flow adapts itself to the speed, without rolling inside of the circuit; there is little pressure loss, and an increased performance, for a heavy duty use

2. With traction in “on” mode AV and AR in 2 driving wheels (2WD) up to 7km/h

  • Description: pump with 2 asymmetrical flows 96l/min 300bars (pdf 1000tr/min), 1 axle equipped with 2 engines of rolled wheel 1356cm3/tr by engine, control box inside of cabin
  • Principle: user gives an instruction of pressure to the assisting joystick and the pump provides the required pressure, the fixed flow generated by the rotation of pdf
  • Advantages: it is a simple system that works very well with a constant speed of the convoy in accordance with the flow generated by the pump. The latter supplies the requested pressure and the variable flow by stage (1/3, 2/3 or all the cubic capacity in accordance with the advancement of the convoy), 3 stages to chose: (ex: 2.3,4.6 and 7km/h with 1000tr/min with wheels 550/45 R 22.5), user provides the assistance effort and visualizes the adjustment of the speed thanks to indicators on the control box inside the cabin, all of this for a moderate usage.
  • To note: speeds shall change according to the tires assembly, cubic capacity of engine, pdf mode, weather conditions, etc…
  •  Automatic door with ample release range
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic mixed braking system
  • Arrow with hydraulic suspension
  • Scharmuller kneecap ø80 Attachment
  • Poclain hydraulic assistance on axles (contact us for information)
  • Hardbox Case (contact us for information)

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