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Model BTM OS - Bacteria Controller


BTM OS is an adjuvant for the soaking process. BTM OS supports an homogeneous soaking process of fresh and salted bovine hides replacing more toxic products. Its ideal application is in the oxidative liming because it is compatible with the specific enzymes employed in the process.

Due to the specific characteristic of the component the BTM OS is ideal for the use both on fresh and salted hides. The wide efficacy of BTM OS allows to apply it in the soaking phases ensuring an homogeneous effect on the treated hides.

BTM OS is a product with a low environmental impact.

From 0.5% to 1.0%.

Store in a cool and dry place far from heat sources.Best before 12 months for unopened packages.

IBC: 1000 kg, Drums: variable weights. Do not need ADR for traveling.

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