Model BTS-1 - Brush Transport System



The BTS-1 is a compressing and high-tilting carrier for effective and profitable transport of bulky forest materials such as forest debris from final cutting, brush, bundled residue, and stumps. The unique tipping function makes the unloading process of materials very effective, as it also enables two loads to be put on top of each other. This gives you less handling of material with grapple which ensures a better quality of final product. The BTS is a sturdy and durable construction, made of high performance steel. It is easy to mount to a variety of forwarders.

  • Effective transport and off-loading of high volume, bulky forest materials including parts of trees, slash, forest residue bundles and stumps
  • Foldable sides open wide for easy loading, and close tight for effi cient transport without spillage
  • Unique high-dumping yokes allow two loads to be dumped one on top of the other, reducing grapple handling
  • Can be fitted to any 14 ton or larger forwarder

CBI’s Brush Transport System has been specially designed and built to provide forestry contractors with an effective, practical method for moving bulky materials from the woods to the roadside. With adjustable sides that open to 37° for loading, and close to 10° compressing the load for transport, the BTS makes quick work of moving slash, brush, stumps, and other bulky material, with virtually no spillage. The unique, high-dumping yokes allow the operator to off-load a full 10 tons of material in less than a minute, and allow two loads to be dumped one atop the other, increasing effi ciency and saving time by reducing the need for grapple handling.

As with all CBI products, the BTS is made with only the fi nest materials, and built to the highest quality standards. Every component, from the specially formed structure built for rigidity and strength, to the bearing grade bronze bushings, reinforced pins, and custom made hydraulic cylinders, is carefully selected to give the owner maximum performance and the longest useful life in the field.

The BTS features a specially-made formed structure for the highest rigidity and strength. Reinforced pin attachments are used for the hydraulically foldable sides. A center-mounted horn prevents material from jamming in wheels when using belts or chains. The foldable sides open to 37° for easier loading and more load volume. The sides close to 10° to reduce width at the top of the carrier while transporting. Two custom-made hydraulic cylinders are provided for each side with 125 mm (5”) bore, 400 mm (15-3/4”) stroke and 63 mm (2-1/2”) rods for extreme force and two 60 mm (2-3/8”) pins for high strength.

Dumping Yokes
The body is mounted on high-dumping yokes allowing two loads to be dumped on top of each other. Two custom-made hydraulic cylinders are used for dumping with 140 mm (5-1/2”) bore, 1115 mm (44”) stroke, 90 mm (3-1/2”) rod, and 70 mm (2-3/4”) pins. Hydraulic cylinders — 125 mm (5”) bore, 400 mm (15-3/4”) stroke, 63 mm (2-1/2”) rod; 60 mm (2-3/8”) pins — are used for tilting the yokes with the sides of the body when loading. A specially-made formed structure bottom frame with reinforced pin attachment is fi xed to the forwarder/trailer chassis.

The hydraulic system is complete with NG10 24 Volt directional solenoid valves, fl ow dividers, line rupture safety valves, and hose swivels for hydraulic transfer between dumping yokes and body.

The pins supplied on the Brush Transport System are of the best shaft alloy on the market.

All appropriate surfaces (except for wear and machined surfaces) are sand blasted to S.S.P .C. SP 6-10 commercial to white fi nish, then painted with one coat of epoxy primer to product spec and one coat of CBI black high gloss Dupont polyurethane enamel paint. Equipment is assembled using zinc plated hardware.

  1. Auxiliary pressure line and drain line to tank: recommended fl ow 24 gpm (90 litres/min) and 3000 psi (210 bar) pressure.
  2. Load capacity approx 31000 Ibs (14 metric tons)
  3. Fixing adapters to be custom made for each different forwarder

Note: The BTS-1 is available without the high tipping function for smaller forwarders, or for those that want higher payloads
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