Bucket Elevators


Bucket Elevators are the ideal solution for the transport of grain, seeds, grinding grain, granules and other loose products. AgrAlex produces the highest quality, solid, rugged  elevators for vertical transport which are able to meet the toughest conditions such as transhipment ports, grain terminals,  grain warehouses, feed mixing plants.

Productivity of devices is from 14 to 700 t / h. We provide both galvanized elevators, painted and made from stainless steel, depending on the customer's needs. Specially designed, technically advanced bucket elevators provide a particularly delicate transport, limit losses associated with crushing of seeds and prevent mixing of the transported products.

Bucket elevators are designed in accordance with all standards and regulations. They can also be supplied with additional equipment which ensures compliance with the ATEX standard.

Elevator drive is gearmotor of industrial quality which can operate in the harshest conditions at steady, maximum loads.

The head of the elewator is twisted structure made of high strength steel. Contact surface of the goods is lined with a polyethylene plate, which ensures a long-term lifetime, confirmed by our company's guarantee.
Buckets can be both plastic, metal as well as a stainless steel.

  • Sensor of linearity of belt to control the descent of the belt from the wheel
  • Aspiration of both legs of the elevator
  • Spacers that move the bucket from the belt
  • Windows of exposure
  • Oil resistant belt to work with food goods
  • Sensor of overflow of foot
  • Return brake mounted on the transmission.

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