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Bucket Elevators



Elevators manufactured by a company Kalina-Klenski Ltd are bucket and are intended for vertical transport of bulk materials- Elevators consist of the following: reception section (leg), unloading section (head), tubes and tape with buckets. The leg and the head are made of galvanized steel, elbow profiles on bolt connection. The operation is driven by motor-reducer and clutch- The camps of the two sections are self-aligning and dust-protected. The tubes are square and made of galvanized steel with 5 = 2 mm- Standard pipe length is 2000mm- The assembling is with galvanized elbow framework.

The assembling of the pipes is on bolts, allowing easy replacement if necessary. The rubber tape on which are mounted buckets is with several layers for strength- The buckets of the elevator are two types: metal (from stamped sheet metal) and polyethylene (ultra-high molecular polyethylene, which is highly durable). The link of the tape is with metal brackets type 'Wolf Fang'. Productivity and the height of the conveyor is according to the client, and productivity is 2t / h to 250 t / h wheat with self-weight 800 daN / m3 and humidity 15%. The company manufactures also elevators of black sheets.

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