Bucket Elevators



Bucket elevatorswere developed for the vertical conveyance of flowable bulk materials of all kind. The installation is based upon a modular system with the following equipment components:

  • foot station
  • casings
  • head end with drive
  • bucket strand
  • Bucket elevators are available in the following variants:
  • belt bucket elevators
  • chain bucket elevators

Belt bucket elevators can convey materials of temperatures up t140 ° C. Chain bucket elevators are suitable for the transport of coarse grained goods or materials of higher temperatures.

Tguarantee the sort cleanness of the material tbe conveyed, the foot station can be equipped with a liftable and lowerable scooping pan.


  • modular system
  • high operational safety
  • easy operability
  • robust design
  • long service times
  • special design for sticky materials to be conveyed
  • non-mixing conveyance

Technical Data

  • belt bucket elevator bis 750 m³/h
  • chain bucket elevator bis 250 m³/h
  • bucket width 100–1400 mm

Available Extensions/Additions

  • foot station with scooping pan (fixed / adjustable)
  • rubber buckets
  • design in stainless steel
  • rubber-coated casings
  • additional equipment:
    • stages
    • ladders
    • stairs towers
    • feeding and discharge chutes
    • slow-motion drive at main drive
    • erection girder

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