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Bulk Milk Coolers Unit (BMCU)

We at Tol technocrats give various solutions for retaining the natural quality of the milk. We are an more than two decade old company led by technocrats who have all the practical knowledge for giving the right solution for various customers in the Dairy Industry. We design  and manufacture Bulk Milk Coolers in both “Direct Expansion” (DX) as well as “Ice-Bank-Tank” (IBT) type in various sizes and models to meet specific requirement of our esteem clintels. Our Bulk Milk Coolers are designed as per ISO-5708-2A II standards.

Designed and manufactured as per ISO 5708
  Easy Opening with gas spring.
  Circular rectangular tank with AISI 304 grade SS material.
  Special evaporator with spot welding and seam welding.
  Suitable for two milking.
  Top cover of B.M.C. has provided Proper stiffening pipe & two holes for milk inlet.
  Outlet connection with two way B/F valve.
  Engraved SS dip stick for measuring quantity of milk is provided.
  Insulated with 40 kg. cu. mtr. dencity puff material.
  Four nos legs with 50 mm level adjustment.
  Tank capacities available – 0.2 kl, 0.5 kl, 1 kl, 2 kl, 3 kl, 5 kl, & 10 kl.

  Designed as per guidelines of ISO/R1662 which meets cooling requirements of B.M.C. specified in ISO 5708.
  Sealed compressors of reputed make
  Air cooled condenser.
  Split type design, easy to install.

 Free from vibration and noise.
  Maintain equal temperature through out the tank.

  Mounting on condensing unit itself.
  Can be operate auto / manual mode.
  Digital temperature indicator & controler.
  With safety devices.
  Optional cyclic agitation can be provided.

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