Bulk Tanks


Conrad-American/Eaton manufactures bulk feed bins with 30 degree roofs in capacities of 2.9 ton through 40.5 ton. Bulk feed bins are available in 6' and 9' diameters in either 2.66' or 4.00' corrugation with 60 degree hoppers. The 7' and 12' bulk feed bins are available in 2.66' corrugation only with a 30 degree roof, and a 67 degree and a 45 degree hopper respectively. Wet holding tanks are available in 15' and 18' diameters in 4.00' corrugation only with a 35 degree roof and a 45 degree hopper. Capacities on the 15' and 18' wet holding tanks range from 2700 bushels to 5700 bushels. Larger capacity wet holding tanks will be available in the future.

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