- Model BH074 H - Hydraulic Machine Attachment



Hydraulic driven Bull Hogs are configured to provide the best combination of cutting tools, width, weight, and driveline options for operation on open-loop, load sense, or closed-loop hydraulic systems up to 600hp! Whether you prefer tracked or wheeled prime movers, big or small, to climb slopes, cross wetlands, or drive down paved roads, you can count on the proven reliability and performance of the Bull Hog.

  • Pin-on or quick-attach mounts (or custom mounts upon request)
  • Heavy-Duty, Severe-Duty Models
  • Up to 600 HP Hydraulic Systems
  • Available FGT, HDT, and DCR Rotor Configurations
  • Versatile Tooling Options

Fecon’s Bull Hogs provide durability that is known and expected in the mulching industry. Leading with the strongest Severe-Duty body construction in the industry for extreme demands, and offering heavy duty solutions that stand the test of daily full-time use over thousands of hours.

Fecon® can help optimize your performance by applying extensive hydraulic engineering expertise to match fixed or variable speed motor options to deliver the ideal rotor speed and torque for your applications. If job requirements change you can quickly change tools for the task at hand.

Choose from three rotor systems and many different tool options including double carbides, narrow single carbides, stone tools, or the fast-cutting knife tool to achieve the most cost-effective results! Standard pin-on and quick-attach mounts are available for many prime movers and custom mounts can be easily provided upon request.

Optional Speed Torque Optimization (STO)
Optimize mulching performance with Fecon’s STO variable speed motor option for hydraulic powered Bull Hogs. Fecon’s STO feature automatically adjusts the Bull Hog’s motor displacement to maximize rotor speed and torque to changing material loads. Under lighter material loads, STO provides higher RPM, more bites per second, and finer material sizing. With heavier material loads, STO delivers more rotor torque and staying power. This keeps the Bull Hog rotor turning where other heads would stall. STO is field tested and proven to provide substantial productivity!

BULL HOG Standard Features

Body Construction

  • Severe Duty
  • Heavy Duty
  • Durable, Long-lasting Performance

Push Bar Options

  • Rugged Fixed Position
  • Optional Hydraulic Tilting

Curved Skid Shoes

  • AR400 Steel
  • Can be adjusted for desired ground engagement
  • Less plowing of material for more uniform final results

Trap Door

  • Helps Contain Debris
  • Achieve Finer Sizing

  • Working Width  61' | 1550 mm
  • Overall Width  76' | 1880 mm
  • Weight  2,690 lbs | 1089 kg
  • Min Flow  27 gpm | 102 lpm
  • Max Flow  65 gpm | 246 lpm

Land Clearing

Terrain, density of the vegetation, soil stability, moisture, species to be treated, environmental concerns and obstacles to work around are some of the considerations when choosing the right machine for the application. The successful land-clearing contractor will usually approach the job with a variety of units including tracked or wheeled mulching machines, excavator mulchers and skid steer tractors equipped with mulching attachments as well as other tools to handle the many tasks found on the average land-clearing site.

Seismic Exploration

Seismic exploration on forested land demands performance.  “It’s about linear feet or kilometers per day” and requires reliability and horsepower! Fecon machines are purpose built for the unique and challenging set of circumstances for clearing the woody vegetation for seismic exploration.

Forest Wood Fuel Removal

There are many equipment options for ladder fuel and underbrush removal including tracked or wheeled forestry mulching machines, mulching attachments and tree shears. Forestry mulchers are a tool to consider for mulching fire lines. And after the fire is out and clean up efforts are under way, it is important to ensure minimal water pollution and soil erosion.

Removal of Invasive Species

Fecon forestry equipment can be highly effective when used to remove invasive species. Plant diseases, Beetle-killed trees and invasive species of plants can all pose significant threats to native vegetation, water supplies, and wildlife habitats, and could lead to a potential wildfire.

Wetland and Habitat Construction

Maintaining an effective animal habitat encompasses: food, water, shelter, and space. This is where the forestry mulchers and forestry mowers can help. Forestry mulchers and forestry mowers are great tools for removing underbrush and invasive species. Also, water sources can be obstructed from access or become stagnant due to tree and understory growth. Excavator mulchers and tree shears are excellent for managing or removing trees and underbrush.

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