- Model Igloo S2300 - Mini Bulk Salt Spreaders



These are available in hopper sizes from 0.8m3 to 2m3 with different hopper lengths to ensure an ideal match with different vehicle body lengths and are designed to be mounted the beds of small pick-ups and non HGV vehicles etc. The demountable units could also be mounted onto suitably sized standard type trailers e.g. Ifor Williams, and then used as trailer salt spreaders. Alternatively, Epoke manufacture a dedicated trailer unit where the trailer forms an integral part of the spreader.


These units are built as standard in mild steel though they can be supplied with stainless steel hoppers as an option.

The range consists of the S2300 and S2400 series units, both of which have identical hoppers, but differ in the level of control over the spread. The S2400 units are fully road speed related and can be powered by either an auxiliary petrol or diesel engine, from the hydraulics of the carrying or towing vehicle, if an appropriate power source is available, or from a pump driven by the wheels of a dedicated trailer. The S2300 units are non road speed related and are powered either by a petrol engine or the vehicle hydraulics.

The Igloo spreaders use a conventional loaded belt and rear tailgate metering system. A profiled belt helps to maintain a consistent flow of material through the tailgate. It is also possible to fit a centre of gravity stabiliser device in the hopper to reduce the effect of the weight shifting towards the rear as the hopper empties. For units of greater capacity than 1.1m3, used with normal rock salt, we would normally recommend using the optional load relief plate to take away some of the weight of the material in the hopper from the belt. Please note, however, the load relieve plate and the centre of gravity stabiliser, cannot be used together.

Most of the ‘Igloo’ spreaders can be fitted with optional jacking support legs which have their own integral jack to enable the spreaders to be used with non tipping vehicles. All of the Igloo spreaders can be fitted with pre-wetting systems if required.

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