- Model Mini - Snowploughs for Compact Tractors



Bunce ‘mini’ compact tractor snowplough, 4 or 5ft (nominally 1,220mm or 1,524mm) complete with steel mouldboard (Not available in Polymer), replaceable sprung, steel wearing edges, brackets to suit your tractor, yokes & lifting ram to raise and lower the snow plough operated from the tractor hydraulics. The blade can be manually angled manually to left or right. The Snow plough uses a parallel linkage mounting system which ensures that the blade is raised horizontally, even when angled, to facilitate mounting and demounting curbs etc. The Bunce Compact Tractor 'Mini' Snowplough is an ideal partner for the range of small Bunce Epoke Salt Spreaders and together they make a very manoeuvrable Snow Clearing unit for factory sites etc.

Optional Extras available include:

  • Squeegee rubber bolted in front of replaceable steel sprung wearing edge
  • Castors
  • Castors Other castor options than the standard castors shown
  • Flexible side marker poles to be mounted on each end of the blade to help the driver see where the ends of the blade are.

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